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Clean Enviro Ltd specialise in deep cleaning all types of carpet and upholstery, for both domestic and commercial clients. With our out of hours service for pubs, restaurants and shops etc. We guarantee quick drying times so the effect on your business will be minimal, we also specialise in odour eradication and can offer protection for different carpet types.

A free collection service is available for your rug to clean at our premises and return to you clean & dry.

Different methods of carpet cleaning are available for different scenarios including low moisture and dry carpet cleaning are available, if you require a quote, please give us a call.

The process,

Our technician will firstly identify the carpet type and chose the best course of action dependant upon the level of soiling and what type of soiling.

We will then give the carpet a thorough vac using one of our commercial high power vacs.

After this a pre – spray will be applied this is the cleaning agent that starts to break down all the ground in dirt, oil and other substances that are trapped in the fibres, these are the substances that act as a magnet for dirt & dust rendering it practically impossible to clean your carpet hygienically by vacuuming alone, these also harbour dust mites and bacteria.

We then agitate the pre spray with a contra rotating cleaning head to really work in the cleaner and loosen the really deep down dirt. At this point we will allow a little dwell time enabling you to make that all important cup of tea, In exchange for a free spotter bottle of your choice.

The next step is to thoroughly rinse and extract the dirt from the carpet, during the rinse process we  use an extraction solution in the tank ensuring all the cleaning shampoo as well as the dirt is extracted from your carpet, this ensures your carpet stays cleaner longer as any detergent left in will act as a dirt magnet.

After cleaning there may be little traces of soiling still left in, may be where a pet was ill, or had an  accident, these spots can be a number of things and we carry spotters for almost all eventualities, at this point we will try all we can to remove these with specialist spotters.

At this point we can offer carpet protection for all types of carpet, this will give your carpet a longer life and will prevent pet stains, coffee, tea, wine & children etc, ruining your carpet.

Specialist odour treatments can be arranged and we use a number of different processes to remove odours including thermal fogging, misting and in extreme cases Ozone treatment.

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